Italjet Dragster 50/125/180

ini antara idola aku dari dulu lagi..aku simpan cita2 nak pki moto ni dah lama..simpan cita2 je..duit xsimpan..heheh....

di Malaysia, moto ini tersangat la limited weh (it was several years back then, when i was in the scooter arena, n till now i still in love with belts because of this bike !)..skrg ni xtau le..mgkin dah ramai yg bawak masuk...

Italjet Dragster ni umpama V4 version..beberapa ketul je kat Tanah Melayu ni...itu pon termasuk yg plet SingaPau...adeh...

so, ini ade sedikit info about this bike (aku cekau kt :

Instant visual appeal - designed using computer technology the essentially Ducati-inspired open trellis frame gives the Dragster its distinct character and sets it apart from all other Scooters. Built upon the trellis frame sits the radiator mounted in the nose of the bike. And the bodywork itself makes the Dragster look more like a sportsbike than a scooter..

Total control - what's initially striking about the Dragster is its suspension configuration. Engineers at Italjet have developed what they call the independent steering system (SIS). This involves the front hydro-pneumatic suspension positioned horizontally as opposed to the twin-fork configuration on most Scooters. This gives the Dragster a unique advantage in allowing greater manoeuvre-ability as the forces acting on the suspension are transferred away from the front wheel towards the center of the bike thus enabling greater control on bends and on bumpy surfaces.The handlebars have also been placed at a slightly lower position meaning that the riders weight is slightly to the front of the bike again allowing greater control over the steering.

Goes like the proverbial - with a weight of only 107 Kg (125cc) and 109 Kg (180cc) means that the Dragster remains agile in order to provide brisk acceleration, 0-60 mph in 6 seconds (tuned) certainly gives the 'big bikes' a run for their money.



Type: 1 Cylinder / 2 Stroke
Lubrication: Separate Mixer
Max. Power: 14.47 hp @ 7500 rpm (125cc)
19.41 hp @ 8000 rpm (180cc)
Ignition: CDI Electronic
Starter: Electric or Kickstart
Battery: 12V

Clutch: Automatic Centrifuge
Final Drive: CVT / Automatic Continuous

Front: S.I.S. with Single Hydropneumatic Shock Absorber (Adjustable Spring)
Rear: Single Hydropneumatic Shock Absorber (Adjustable Spring)

Front: 175 mm Disc, 120/70 r11
Rear: 240 mm Disc, 130/60 r13, 140/60 r12 (50cc)

Length: 1720mm (50cc), 1775mm (125/180cc)
Width: 680mm
Seat Height: 790mm
Weight: 97Kg (50cc), 107kg (125cc), 109kg (180cc)
Fuel Tank Capacity: 7 litres (50cc), 12 litres (125/180cc)

0-60 mph: 8-10 secs (est) (180cc)
1/4 mile: 16-18 secs (est) (180cc)

seksi gile die punye suspension

meter yang " ya a au"

hydropneumatic beb !

alahai die punye single arm..bikin wa gerem !!!

amat xsesuai bagi mereka yg tinggi..

diorg buat moto ni mcm ekspai je...ceit !

ooo berlagak dengan den yo...

that`s why thy call him "Dragster"

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